Digital Technology and Women from Marginalised Communities in Selected Slums of Delhi: Issues of Knowledge, Availability and Access

This project aims to look at the knowledge, use, availability and access of digital technology by women from the socially marginalised communities and its consequences on their lives. This study explores how social divide is leading to ‘Digital Communication Gap’ resulting ‘Capacity Gap’ and enhance ‘Digital Divide’ among various population subgroups. The consequences of the expansion of digital India (both prospects and constraints) need to be examined to address the question of how inclusion and more meaningful participation is possible to create a positive identity among socially marginalised women through ‘Digital India’. To address this issue, the present research would take upon survey research to analyse and explore the possible existence of digital divide among women, especially from marginalised communities and the resultant consequences. Consequences are measured through women’s participation in ICT in various fields.