Child Health and Nutrition in India: Examining Progress, Linkages and Determinants

Reduction in child mortality and malnutrition is one of the major indicators for county health achievement. It is both the instrument and product of economic and social development as child health strongly reflects the quality of life as well as welfare of the country. India’s progressed on health and nutrition but this progress is not equally distributed across all the section of society and even there is disparity from one place to another place. Poor health and nutrition of disadvantaged section located in poorly developed places impose significant and long term economic and human burden on country progress on health and nutrition. The socio-economic inequality, locational context and unequal progress constraints the county in fastening and achieving the already set targets and goals. Hence the proposed study is examining progress and dynamics of socio-economic inequality in health and nutrition. Study will also add understanding of area effect on mortality and nutrition linkages including complementary feeding behaviours. The study will provide policy input to prepare strategy and programme to increase awareness about nutrition among mothers, especially to lactating mothers. Second, sustainability of the study embedded into the fact to identify the pockets where improving nutritional outcomes among children on one hand and lowering mortality on the other hand is of urgent need.